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Planned Litter for 2015

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What you can expect from owing a Kalokairie bred Dalmatian

*Puppy information booklets, containing in-depth feeding, training and behaviour information

*5 generation pedigree with Champions highlighted throughout

*Social chart to indicate what learning & experiences have taken place in the crucial 0-7 weeks of their life

*Health Screening of Parents

*BAER Test & Microchip of puppy

*Feeding & Panacur worming programme of the highest quality to ensure this routine continues and guarantees good health

*Full support with health, grooming, feeding, training, showing or minor medical questions to give you piece of mind and experience at the end of a phone throughout the lifetime of your pet

we invest an imense amout of time with our dogs, travelling the world to improve our knowledge, we attend shows and use only the best health checked stud dogs and brood bitches. We take much time and careful consideration with all our future breeding plans and are happy discuss future litters with you should you be considering bringing a puppy into your lives. We would be delighted to talk to you and are pleased that you recognise a dedicated breeder. We can put you in touch with other "kalokairie owners" so you can vet us as much as we would like to vet you to ensure we are both happy.


                                        Some of our Kalokairie Bred Puppies Pictured above, happy, healthy and well socialised

Contact Us: 07888 998969 Email:

"Puppy Buying Tips !!!!!

If you are looking for a puppy please purchase from not only a Kennel Club Assured breeder, but a breeder who you feel is intersted in the puppy's welfare once he/she leaves the nest. Look into what health tests have been carried out, the reasons for breeding a litter, testimonials from current puppy owners and divide the cost of the puppy by the potential life expectancy (average 11 years) and decide if you feel going for a "cheaper" not very well bred or reared puppy is a good idea. Knowledge you can gain from your breeder throughout the dogs life is invaluable.

Much research should be carried out regarding the breed and especially the breeder, whom in turn should assess your suitability as a new owner. If no questions are asked, ask yourself the question, why not !

BE WARNED : Pet people may think its cute to have a litter however with in experience, lack of knowledge and inappropriate reasons for breeding in the first instance it has proven time and time again that these litters are inadequate with regards their future health and development. Please consider carefully who you trust with this responsibility as it will save much heart ache and possible vet/behaviour Training bills in the future.































We use a qualified Canine Behaviourist to work alongside when rearing and training the puppies. This helps us assess each puppies attitude when placing them in homes. Another testiment to our dedication in breeding is the achievement of three out of four of the KC awards in the Assured Breeder Scheme.

Our puppies only go to loving, pre-checked, suitable homes. Our owners have the support of an experienced & dedicated breeder throughout the life of their important new canine family member.