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Kalokairie Dalmatians pride themselves on Breeding with Care, Rearing with Love and Showing with Pride

(Alphadirato Kalokairie IR Jnr CH CJW13 (IMP) Photo Taken by Josh Henderson)

We are the proud breeders of GB, International and Irish Champions, Quality pets, Carriage & Agility Dogs.

    (Our homebred girl, Madge taking Best of Breed & Group 3 in France - 2012)

 Alex is interested in judging as well as exhibiting at shows and thoroughly enjoys competing at the British Carriage Dog Trials.

 Our aim is to continue to contribute to the breed by producing healthy, fit for purpose dogs, producing a type that eventually will be recognisable & typical of our kennel. We are very fortunate that our vision can be achieved due to being mentored and having support from top breeders in Norway, Australia and Europe and time is on our side.

The Kalokairie family of Dallies continues to grow and life just wouldn't be the same without them.  

About Us.....

Alex is a third generation Dalmatian owner with her mother and grandfather having owned Dalmatians before being born. With early years spent living in Grassington with canine best friend "Moet" the Lab, dogs were always set to be a big part of life.  

 Owning horses from aged 13 and having a Jack Russel Terrier at home it wasn't long before  the family tradition of owning a Dally was to hit. Della was our first Dally to live in the public house we owned, a great companion at the stables going out on hacks with Alex's Arab X, Bobby.

Alex's natural interest for both equestrian & dog handling led to  training and competing in the British Carriage Dog Trials, taking the dogs back to their roots.

Some of the dallies at home have taken very well to a BARF diet while others are fed on complete food. We feel that the right nutrition is very important for the health & wellbeing of our dogs.

How it all began......

After much research I brought an 8 week old black spotted pet girl into our home. I dedicated all my time to  Della and found her very respsonsive to training. We took part in obedience, agility, flyball and heel work to music  at a local training club. It was at dog training where I met a Dalmatian breeder Rebecca Croft  (Formerly Konavlje, now Koroyza) who encouraged me to have a go at showing. Della was a natural show girl and took to it like a duck to water.

At my first show I met Monica Davidson (Konavlje) a very experienced and well respected Judge, breeder and exhibitor. Monica showed great interest in Della and encouraged me to campaign her saying she was "her type". Since this day I have taken advice and learnt from various knowledgeable judges and breeders and am grateful for their friendship and support. That day we were placed in both classes we entered and I got the bug.

Dog training and light showing soon turned into a major hobby, I had done more than ever expected with my pet girl Della. Meeting Konavlje Spot Boris (owned by Rebecca Croft) inspired a future full of spotty dogs & the Kalokairie Line.

Kalokairie  is Greek and translates to "Summer". I worked in Crete one summer and fell in love with their culture, whilst on the island I also met my  first Dalmatian. Combining the Greek language and Season I met my first Dally led to the creation of Kalokairie Dalmatians.

Since Kalokairie Dalmatians established we have exceeded all expectations with breeding a Champion in our first litter (Sired by Konavlje Spot Boris), a international champion (Our homebred girl - madge) & winning a Bronze & Silver Title in the Regional and National Carriage Dog Trials. We have met many friends along the way and the fun just continues.